The unstretched 0-36m bodysuits design reflects an average EU Size 50 (0 Month), while due to their extreme elasticity, when stretched they easily fit up to EU Size 98 (36 Months).
0-36m bodysuits’ assured elasticity measures are as follows:
A: 35,0 – 50,0 cm
B: 19,0 – 25,0 cm

When taken off and washed, 0-36m bodysuits will go back to their original shape and remain extremely elastic.
So you can use the same bodysuit for both your children at the same time!

The neckline of 0-36m bodysuits is extremely elastic and has been developed to provide an easy fit to your baby.
Don’t be afraid of stretching the fabric, even the seams are elastic.
Open the crotch area, roll it up to become a ringlet, stretch it as much as possible, and then easily and quickly pull it over the baby´s head.
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A great deal of attention has been paid to the design and shape of our 0-36m bodysuits making the leg opening, sleeves and neckline extremely elastic and comfortable.

0-36m bodysuits offer a three-dimensional elasticity, that gently covers your baby like a soft caress, allowing them absolute freedom of movement …even the most extreme!
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0-36m bodysuits do not compress the diaper, they cover it completely and thanks to their extreme elasticity, they adapt even to the more voluminous reusable cloth diapers without being too tight.
0-36m bodysuits are also of benefit in use with muslin nappy´s, which can tend to come off, helping them to stay in place, not preventing your baby’s freedom of movement.

0-36m bodysuits are made of top quality cotton and are carefully processed to be extremely resistant and durable.
All they need is proper maintenance as indicated on the care label; this way they will last, remain unaltered and grant all the positive features until your baby stops wearing diapers.

J BIMBI® bodysuits are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified and free of harmful substances.

0-36m bodysuits have smart seams that do not compress because are made of a special sewing thread with a high elastic-modulus that allows extreme elasticity.
0-36m bodysuits’ seams are soft, they do not have a chafing effect and are extremely gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin.
They are OEKO-TEX® certified and free of harmful substances that could cause skin irritation.
0-36m bodysuits’ seams are resistant to acids and alkali, and therefore to your baby’s pee and poo.

0-36m bodysuits will allow you to save money and here’s the reason why: how much does a 0-36m bodysuit cost?
Divide the 0-36m bodysuit price by 9 (the number of regular bodysuit sizes that usually cover the growth period from 0 to 36 months).
Now compare the 0-36m bodysuit-price to the price of a regular single-size bodysuit, and you will understand that quality was never so affordable!

The J BIMBI® motifs and designs are transferred by using a high-quality screen printing method, which helps the imprint to remain consistent in shape and brightness of colors when handled according to the care instructions.


J BIMBI® bodysuits are also available in the WARM version for winter, with short sleeves, knitted out of extra heavy and thick organic cotton, offering a perfect first warm layer during the colder days.

J BIMBI® bodysuits are also available in the sleeveless SUMMER version, colorful and fresh.

J BIMBI® bodysuits are also available in the 4SEASON version, with short sleeves, knitted out of organic cotton with a weight and thickness that is suitable all year round!

No, J BIMBI® bodysuits should not be tumble dried, but don’t worry, when hanged, they dry very quickly!

There is no contraindication in the use of fabric softener with J BIMBI® bodysuits, however, as softeners are highly polluting, we recommend to limit their use.
This tip will help you leave a better world for your child!
If you follow the care instructions, J BIMBI® bodysuits will remain soft and elastic even without softeners.

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