J BIMBI® for Planet

Eco-friendly baby apparel that looks to the future

Environmental sustainability is a principle we especially care a lot at J BIMBI® because we deal with products for babies and we are aware that they are the future, but the world they will live in will be the one they inherit from us. This is why we commit ourselves every day to develop environmentally friendly baby apparel and products that do not harm the planet or have as little impact as possible, while guaranteeing the highest quality and safety for babies.

J BIMBI® bodysuits play their part in protecting the environment because by dressing babies with 0-36 months one-size bodysuit, the number of bodysuits needed during their growth, decreases. This saves energy and water and reduces the issues associated with waste disposal.

Let’s do a calculation together:

Traditional bodysuits are suitable for the first 36 months of a baby’s life covering the needs in about 9 sizes. Assuming to skip a few sizes during growth and that at least 10 bodysuits per size are required, a baby would use about 50 bodysuits (5 sizes x 10 bodysuits) in the first 3 years of life.

Therefore, the minimum amount of bodysuits needed is 50, but we are all well aware that the amount of bodysuits used, or at least purchased, can increase taking into account impulse buying (“that bodysuit is too cute; I must buy it!”), replacement of damaged/stained bodysuits and, above all, any gifts received from friends and relatives, especially in the first few months, when the baby grows at lightning speed and many items remain unused.

Using the one-size 0-36m bodysuits for newborns, which can be worn from birth to 3 years of age, 10 bodysuits are theoretically sufficient (1 size x 10 bodysuits) meaning a saving of 40 bodysuits per baby!!

It helps saving and it is sustainable - this is the J BIMBI® baby fashion.

If we were to do this calculation on a national scale based on 420,000 births (2019 data), the number of bodysuits that could potentially be saved in Italy alone is 17 million! Newborn baby fashion that loves environmental sustainability.

The contribution of the J BIMBI® bodysuits to environmental protection does not end here!


J BIMBI® bodysuits, since always OEKO-TEX® certified, meaning free of harmful substances, can now also boast OCS and GOTS certification for the organic cotton models.

Choosing organic cotton offers advantages in terms of certified environmental sustainability such as:

– 71% less WATER used for cultivation because organic farming uses natural rainfall and organically cultivated land retains up to 30% more water

– 62% less ENERGY required for the manufacturing than conventional cotton

USE OF NATURAL FERTILIZERS supporting healthy ecosystems and improving soil quality

NO USE OF CHEMICAL PESTICIDES but natural solutions that protect the health of workers, soils and ecosystem and avoid water pollution

NO GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)

Choosing 0-36m bodysuits for newborns  thus means saving resources but also money, which is why we say that J BIMBI® bodysuits are environmentally and wallet friendly!

Small actions of environmental sustainability that make the difference

J BIMBI for Planet - energia

Choose energy-saving lamps and switch off the lights when not needed

All it takes is one click!

J BIMBI for Planet - riciclo

Recycle and perform separate waste collection

Or we will find ourselves drowning in waste and swimming in plastic

J BIMBI for Planet - ecomobilitÖ

Travel short distances by foot or bike

How cute is your child with the bike helmet on?

J BIMBI for Planet - sacchetti

Use envelopes and bags made of cloth or reusable materials

It is always good to have one in the purse just in case!

J BIMBI for Planet - acqua

Shut off the tap when brushing teeth

Every drop is precious

J BIMBI for Planet - pianeta

Let’s try our best to leave our children a better planet!