J BIMBI has launched a new sterilizer: Comby 4 in 1, the electric + microwave steam sterilizer for bottles, accessories, pacifiers and everything you need to sterilise flexibly and quickly.




1) Flexible and fast

This sterilizer consists of two modules that can be installed on an electric base or on a microwave tray. Therefore, it can be used both in the electric and microwave versions. It is suitable for sterilizing bottles and pacifiers of all brands and it sanitises quickly: 5 minutes in microwave mode and 8 minutes in electric mode.


2) Modular

This sterilizer can be used in 4 different modes, thanks to its double version, electric and microwave, and its two combo modules: a large and roomy module, suitable for bottles, and a smaller module, ideal for nipples, rings and pacifiers.

  • Mode 1: electric FULL SIZE. The sterilizer can be used to its maximum capacity in the electric version, assembling on the base both modules one on top of the other, to sterilize up to 6 baby bottles plus accessories.
  • Mode 2: electric COMPACT. It is possible to use only the small module in electric mode, to sterilize only the breast pump, nipples, rings or pacifiers.
  • Mode 3: microwave LARGE. On the microwave tray it is possible to place the larger module and carry out sterilization (up to 4 feeding bottles plus accessories).
  • Mode 4: microwave COMPACT. The smallest module can be placed on the microwave tray for quick sterilization of the smallest components (breast pumps or small accessories).


3) Safe and effective

Steam sterilization (both electric and microwave) is the most recommended for feeding bottles and baby products in general: it removes 99.9% of  germs and bacteria in a natural way.
In addition, the Comby 4 in 1 sterilizer is made without Bisphenol A, PVC and Phthalates and if it remains closed it keeps the contents sterile for 24 hours.