The best allies for the growth of your baby

J BIMBI® offers a complete range of early childhood products to meet the needs of families in the first three years of a child's life and beyond.

The 0-36 months bodysuits

The innovative stretchable bodysuits made of organic cotton and bamboo that dress babies from birth to 3 years of age.

The premature babies bodysuits

Bodysuits available in ExtraSmall size with kimono closure and in non-toxic organic cotton, ideal for premature babies.

Anti-colics and anti-otitis feeding bottles

The innovative and exclusive feeding bottles that thanks to their patented valve and special cannula are extremely effective in reducing the occurrence of otitis and colics.

Baby pacifiers

Sucking is instinctive for newborns, and a pacifier is an extremely important means of stimulating suction when not feeding and – if used correctly – it can have many benefits.

Hygiene and care

Ultra-fast thermometers, precision scales, sterilisers, aerosols and skin care products. With J BIMBI®, nothing is left to chance

Baby feeding

A line of containers to easily manage the feeding of your newborn at home and away from home. Drinking cups, powdered milk dispensers, containers for breast milk and baby food and breast pumps

Mosquito repellent for children

With the help of experts, J BIMBI® has developed an innovative range of anti-mosquito products that guarantee maximum protection and safe application even for babies.

Gift ideas

At J BIMBI® we can help you! With our Hello Baby kit, designed for newborns, or with our Baby Twin Sets that combines bodysuit and pacifier with the same design.
With J BIMBI® gift ideas you can’t go wrong!