Custom bodysuits for companies

Custom bodysuits for companies

Custom bodysuits for companies

Would you like to customize J BIMBI® one-size-fits-all bodysuits?

The J BIMBI® team is collaborating with Sadesign to offer the possibility to customize our 0-36m bodysuits with natural dyes that do not contain harmful substances. We chose Sadesign as our partner because it fully embraces the green and organic philosophy that characterizes our brand.

Who is Sadesign?

Sadesign is a company based in Trento specialized in the creation, production and distribution of corporate gadgets and personalized merchandising. Sadesign has set for itself a daily challenge: provide an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to the products it offers making sure that all the processes, the style and the work philosophy embrace those values.

How it works

Promote your brand, your company, your store, your city, your team!
Are you a pharmacy, a gift store, a sports team, or do you have a clothing or children’s store and want to customize the J BIMBI® 0-36m bodysuits with ad hoc graphics for every need and request? Now you can!
J BIMBI® 0-36m bodysuits can be customized in the 4Season version: all white, for all seasons, and you can unleash your creativity: Sadesign will make your imagination shine.

Practical tips? Here they are!

Children’s names, Mother’s or Father’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, Christmas, Easter, and a corporate gift. Multi-color, black and white, with writing, with a photo, with a drawing, with a logo … unleash your creativity. The possibilities are endless!

Who is it for?

Customizing our J BIMBI 0-36m bodysuits is perfect for those who have a clothing store, a children’s store, pharmacies, parapharmacies, health care facilities, playcenters rather than kindergartens, companies, cultural and sports associations, teams of moms or dads and why not … maybe a photo store or a gift store!

The advantages of the J BIMBI® 0-36m bodysuit

The 0-36 month bodysuits from J BIMBI® grow with your baby, are patented and have many other advantages:


J BIMBI® bodysuits, thanks to their extraordinary flexibility and strength, dress babies with a single size from 0 to 36 months of age. Traditional bodysuits, instead, fit the rapid growth of the baby from 0 to 36 months of age in about 9 sizes.


In cotone biologico certificato GOTS, che proviene da sementi biologiche, coltivate in campi protetti dove non si utilizzano erbicidi o pesticidi di origine chimica da almeno 3 anni.


They offer reassuring containment on skin contact, just like a loving hug from mom and dad.


J BIMBI® bodysuits are OEKO-TEX® certified and do not contain any harmful substances.


J BIMBI® bodysuits are environmentally friendly because they decrease the amount of bodysuits used for each baby, reducing the environmental impact needed to produce them.


They are cost effective because with just one bodysuit they dress your baby from 0 to 36 months old. Divide the price of J BIMBI® bodysuits by 9 and then compare it to other bodysuits and you’ll see that quality has never been so convenient!