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J BIMBI® is a company with strong values that guide and drive the development of its products and promotional and advertising campaigns.
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Environmental sustainability, energy saving, and respect for the environment are among our core values and we work every day to become an increasingly “green” company: J BIMBI® for Planet is the expression of this effort..
Did you know that with J BIMBI® bodysuits you can use up to 40 bodysuits less?


A company that manufactures products for babies and families has the ethical duty to promote values such as  respect and care for our babies,
for the new generations that will come and the protection of their right to a happy childhood.
This is why the J BIMBI® MY HERO project was created, an initiative to be discovered, dedicated to the smallest, most fragile and bravest babies we know: babies born prematurely or preterm.


When a smile is born

J BIMBI® conveys positivity without speaking.
J BIMBI® represents with a smile the wonderful, special and unique world that exists between mum, dad and their baby.
J BIMBI® communicates emotion, a sense of belonging and originality.
J BIMBI® is a young brand, full of ideas, innovation and quality.