Baby pacifiers

The most innovative range of pacifiers on the market

Sucking is instinctive for newborns, and a pacifier is an extremely important means of stimulating suction when not feeding and – if used correctly – it can have many benefits. Pacifiers are recommended for when baby is sleeping, to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS; they have a soothing effect; it can improve coordination; they also aid digestion, and are preferable to thumb-sucking.

With the help of experts, J BIMBI® has developed an innovative range of pacifiers that guarantee maximum safety and the highest quality standards in accordance with medical and scientific guidelines.

We have created a symmetrical orthodontic nipple (teardrop) that is particularly soft and liked by babies. It is made in medical-grade silicone (free from rubber, a latex derivative that can potentially cause allergies). In addition, all our pacifiers are free from rings or rigid handles, as recommended by the SIPPS (Italian Society of Preventive and Social Paediatrics) guidelines to reduce trauma in the event of falls.


Take a look at the characteristics of J BIMBI® pacifiers and choose the one that best suits your needs: your baby will always have a safe, innovative pacifier, whichever one you choose!

Smile: the ultra-ventilated pacifier with rigid shield.
Joy: the all-soft, 100% silicone pacifier.

And remember - when used properly - a pacifier can have a positive effect on your baby. The natural sucking reflex that takes place when not feeding has beneficial effects on heart rhythm, oxygenation, breathing, digestion and baby’s behaviour, both when awake and when sleeping. Pacifiers tend to soothe tension and anxiety, as well as having an effective action against pain.