One size fits all bodysuits for 0-36 months newborns

Have you ever wished you could buy bodysuits that would grow with your baby?

J BIMBI® bodysuits are the only one-size bodysuits that dress your baby from birth to 36 months!
Thanks to their patented technology, these bodysuits have an excellent extensibility. The organic cotton also guarantees that the bodysuits are safe, comfy, breathable and super gentle on baby’s delicate skin.

J BIMBI® bodysuits are the ideal choice for mums who want to protect the environment: fewer bodysuits are needed, fewer bodysuits are made, and the result is a lower impact on the environment when compared to traditional bodysuits, where it is necessary to change size every 3-6 months, which means using a great deal of resources, and generating a lot of waste.

The environmentally friendly alternative for your baby's undergarments!



Environmental sustainability is a principle that we, at J BIMBI®, hold very dear because we handle children products. Children are the future and It is up to us to leave them a better world.

Bodysuits 0-36 months = less environmental impact


The 0-36m bodysuits do their part in protecting the environment because by dressing the baby with just one size from 0 to 36 months, the amount of bodysuits needed as he or she grows decreases. In this way, energy and water consumption are reduced and disposal problems are limited.

Discover J BIMBI®’s commitment to the environment!