Ammonia-free Afterbite

Newborns and child mosquito afterbite - Soothing roll-on

The sting of an insect, a jellyfish or contact with stinging substances can cause severe itching, redness and irritation on the skin of small children.

This is why J BIMBI has developed Max Protection BABY AFTERBITE without ammonia.

The practical roll-on with stainless steel sphere provides relief for children’s skin after insect bites (mosquitoes, wasps, horseflies, flies) or contact with jellyfish, nettles and other stinging agents. Thanks to the combination of plant-derived active ingredients such as aloe vera, camomile, mallow and calendula, it relieves and soothes the itching sensation, refreshing the skin.

The vegetable and ammonia-free formulation is specially designed to facilitate application on children’s skin, even the most delicate, from 6 months onwards. Tolerability has been proven in specific laboratory tests.

Ammonia-free Afterbite - Max Protection Baby

Soothing roll-on for babies from 6 months


Download the files to learn more about the characteristics of the ammonia-free Max Protection after-bite Baby

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