Breast milk and baby food containers

Stic Stac baby food and breast milk container

J BIMBI Stic Stac food containers are ideal for mums who need to store the pumped milk using the breast pump or food for babies.
They can be used in the fridge and the freezer, they can also be heated inside the microwave (without cap), and are dishwasher safe (top rack) for cleaning before re-use. They are also perfectly airtight because the screw cap provides perfect closure, and can also be put away safely or carried in a bag with no fears of leakage. They are equipped with a special space in which to write date and content, with a pencil.

They are ideal for storing breast milk in the freezer or fridge, or for holding foods during the weaning process, or for storing and freezing ready-made foods and soups so they can be carried without any fuss.


To store breast milk and foods


Download the Stic Stac baby food container user manual