Microwave sterilizer

Smart sterilizer for feeding bottles and pacifiers

The J BIMBI® Smart microwave sterilizer for bottles, pacifiers, and accessories is quick and easy: just add a little water to the bottom of the sterilizer (200 ml) and place in the microwave for just 4 minutes. If the microwave sterilizer is left closed after the purification process, the items will remain sterilized for 3 hours.

It is suitable for all types of bottles: designed specifically for J BIMBI® bottles, it can also be used with other brand feeding bottles. It is safe and easy to use, thanks to the non-stick handles and the grip which do not overheat, for safe easy removal from the microwave. The removable tray is ideal for drying feeding bottles and accessories or washing them in the dishwasher (top rack only). In hard and resistant plastic material, free from Bisphenol A.


for microwaves


Download the Smart Microwave Sterilizer User Manual