Organic cotton bodysuits for premature newborns

A loving hug for the most fragile and delicate babies

The natural fibre of 100% organic cotton is universally recommended for the health of users and the environment because it is cultivated with natural processes, without the use of chemical pesticides and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).

When talking about newborns and premature babies, organic cotton is even more important: soft and gentle on the skin, it is extremely breathable and does not contain any potentially irritating substances.

Discover now the range of J BIMBI® My Hero organic cotton bodysuits specially designed for premature babies: in one-size from 44 cm, available in the 4Season models.



Organic cotton bodysuits: the most natural choice for your baby's underclothing

My Hero Solid Colour Collection

Solid-colour organic cotton bodysuit for premature babies An extra-small size bodysuit for newborns that perfectly fits premature babies in their first days of life now exists: the J BIMBI® My…
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My Hero Wink & Smile Collection

Four season bodysuit for premature babies in organic cotton The most fragile babies, born prematurely, need a odysuit that hugs them and cuddles them without ever squeezing and without irritating…
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My Hero Sweet Pouch Collection

Four season bodysuit for premature babies in organic cotton The My Hero bodysuits of the Sweet Pouch Collection are the best friends of our big little heroes. Three sweet and…
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J BIMBI® organic cotton bodysuits are made of 100% organic cotton of the highest quality originating from organic seeds grown in protected fields where no chemical herbicides or pesticides have been used for at least three years. No harmful substances are used in any of the production stages, including the weaving and finishing. This means that the fabric, in addition to being more breathable, non-polluting and non-allergenic, maintains the typical characteristics of the fibre, making it light but stronger and more resistant.

The bodysuits for newborns in organic cotton are excellent friends of your baby because the naturalness of the fibre is particularly suited for their delicate skin: it does not irritate it and does not create allergic reaction rashes. These properties make organic cotton ideal for newborn baby underclothing.

The bodysuits for newborns in organic cotton are the result of many years of research by COLPHARMA that created extra-small bodysuits (from 44 cm) suitable for premature babies OEKO-TEX® and GOTS certified.

How to care for My Hero bodysuits for newborns

My Hero bodysuits for newborn babies do not need any special care to preserve their characteristics unchanged over time. For proper maintenance, we recommend following these washing instructions, which are also reported on all garments.

How to care for cotton bodysuits:

Wash by hand or in the washing machine at a maximum temperature of 40 °C

Do not use bleach or bleaching agents

Dry clean

Iron with an iron that is not hot at a maximum temperature of 110 °C

Do not tumble dry

We recommend to use only a very limited amount of fabric softener since it pollutes and is harmful to the environment.