Slow Friends Collection

Cute bodysuits for newborns featuring the slowest and cutest animals of the forest.

The cute bodysuits for newborns part of the Slow Friends collection will help you to rediscover the value of “taking it slow” and enjoying playing time with your children!

The Slow Friends collection pays homage to taking it slow by celebrating the slowest and cutest animals of the forest, on a baby-friendly scale.
Together with the turtle, snail and hedgehog, we can teach our children the value of “taking it slow” : observing the world around us without haste, following the rhythms of children who lose themselves in the details and have fun with small things. All 0-36m bodysuits for newborns dress them from 0 to 3 years , following the growth of the newborns and adapting themselves to their body perfectly and without squeezing. In addition, they are made of organic cotton, which is gentle on the skin and breathable.

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they are colourful and lively like all the J BIMBI® bodysuits

Slow Friends Tortoise

Slow Friends Snail

Slow Friends Hedgehog

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Product features


0-36m bodysuits are eco-friendly because they reduce the number of bodysuits used for each baby. This, in turn, reduces the environmental impact needed to manufacture them, limiting the use of energy, consumption and pollution of water, issues related to disposal, and more.


Forget about sizes and save money! 0-36m bodysuits are affordable because with just one bodysuit you can dress your baby from 0 to 36 months of age. Divide the price of the 0-36m bodysuit by 9, then compare it to the price of other baby bodysuits and you will see that quality was never so affordable!


0-36m bodysuits are unique because, thanks to their extraordinary elasticity and strength, they dress your baby with just one-size from 0 to 36 months old. The traditional bodysuits cover the fast growth of your baby from 0 to 36 months with about 9 sizes.


0-36m bodysuits are the result of many years of research by COLPHARMA® that, for the first time in the world, created a cotton bodysuit capable of dressing a baby from 0 to 36 months of age. The production process of the one-size cotton bodysuit was granted an international patent.


They are made of OCS certified organic cotton, which comes from organic seeds, grown in protected fields where no herbicides or pesticides of chemical origin have been used for at least three years. During all stages of production, such as weaving and finishing, no harmful substances are used.


J BIMBI® bodysuits are OEKO-TEX® certified and contain no harmful substances.

How to care for 0-36m bodysuits for newborns

0-36m bodysuits for newborn babies do not need any special care to preserve their characteristics unchanged over time. For proper maintenance, we recommend following these washing instructions, which are also reported on all garments.

How to care for cotton bodysuits:

Wash by hand or in the washing machine at a maximum temperature of 40 °C

Do not use bleach or bleaching agents

Dry clean

Iron with an iron that is not hot at a maximum temperature of 110 °C

Do not tumble dry

We recommend to use only a very limited amount of fabric softener since it pollutes and is harmful to the environment.